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SAVIA is a clothing and textile art project founded by sisters Fabiana and Patricia Persia. One of a group of seven designers based in Santiago, Chile, under the collaborative name of Moda Lenta de Chile, or Slow Fashion Chile. The group comprises of a range of talented Chilean fashion, accessories and jewelry designers, invested in taking the time to design slowly and with care. SAVIA produce an contemporary, hand crafted collection of unique, organic designs with an ethnic sensiblity, made from the highest quality raw materials.

Fabiana has a fine arts background, while sister Patricia is a trained architect. The design duo manage a creative synergy across borders, with Fabiana based in Chile and Patricia in Argentina, united by a single philosophy based on Slow Design. Having survived the 2010 Chilean tsunami on the island of Juan Fernandez, Fabiana, her husband and their two children lost everything, including their home and business. Moving to Santiago for a new beginning, and to plant new roots, connect with nature, and reignite her artistic inner world, Fabiana and Patricia combined their talents to form this joint clothing and textile art project. The idea behind the brand was healing through creation, brought to life through material use and hand work.

Fabiana’s creative explorations in varied Chilean ancestral techniques, include pre-Columbian Shibori and tie dye, but also extend to natural dyes from native plants in the Cuyo region, Turkish water painting, Polynesian Mahoi printing and alternative pattern cutting techniques learned from renowned teacher Shingo Sato. Combining various cultures, the design duo have jointly rescued their identities through their investigative research of textile tradition, and applying tradition to contemporary design. Committed to the creative process, they are equally committed to non industrial processes, invested instead in quality not quantity.

Designs center on seasonless contemporary styling, and are not based on current trends, but never the less incorporate a currency and individual identity. The collection includes clothing and accessories, all produced from sheep and llama wool, cotton and fish leather, and all produced with natural and environmentally friendly processes, with colors achieved from natural Andean sources. The beautifully conceived chunky hand knit and woven collection, envelops and cocoons the body in sensual soft loops, vivid stripes and raw tassled yarn tails, through sensually sculptural silhouettes.

Website: http://saviaindumentaria.com

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