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DRESSADDICT, is a Ukrainian brand founded in early 2012 by designers Artem Gryshchenko and Victor Victorov. The design partners take their inspiration from the fabric itself, working only with the highest quality Italian textiles, including jersey, wool and other natural fibers. Design development unfolds as Artem and Victor explore the characteristics of the cloth. Form and function come from working directly with the fabric, lending a simplicity of style that features the characteristics of the cloth.


Producing both male and female collections, DRESSADDICT designs feature a fluidity and simplicity of styling that simultaneously cocoons, wraps and subtly reveals the physical form. In a restrained color palette of dove gray through charcoal, punctuated with silver, putty and the occasional shot of crushed raspberry or rusted red, the collection focuses on the varying textures and fluidity of the textiles. Items lend themselves to complex layering with leggings, narrow leg pants, unstructured T shaped tops and wrapped and draped cardigans, wraps and coats, all in an exquisite array of fluid jersey knits. The collection is punctuated with sharp, crisply tailored woven jackets, and narrow leg pants, creating a Zen-like quality to the clothing, that is at once modern and timeless.


According to Victor Victorov, “I don’t think fashion is divided into men’s and women’s clothing, but it’s not about creating unisex clothes either. It’s about simplicity framing the complexity of the wearer. It’s about monochrome letting the color of the individual shine through, and most of all, it’s about creating elegant clothing that reflects the inner beauty of the wearer.”


Website: http://dressaddict.com.ua

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