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Sseko18Sseko Designs is an ethical fashion brand based in Uganda that creates handbags, accessories, and a range of totally interchangeable leather sandals, with hundreds of variations in styling. The Sseko T-strap Sandal features interchangeable hand beaded accessories that slide right onto the leather strap, while others feature interchangeable ties and straps in a wide variety of colors, fabrics and prints. With variations that span summer neon’s to faceted copper beads, the possibilities are endless. The scarf collection is hand woven on traditional looms by Ethiopian artisans, and made locally from Eri silk and Ethiopian cotton. Large enough to double as a sarong, the scarves are made with Fair Trade principles.


Born from necessity, Sseko was founded by Liz, a Journalism and Communications major with a passion for global issues, poverty and women’s rights. With the initial intent of supporting a youth development organization, Liz instead founded Sseko, based on her observation of a group of incredible, young women, and their commitment to learning, loving and reconciliation. Producing the simple, beautiful sandals out of the simple need to find a means of supporting these women in their quest to continue their education.


Providing economic opportunity, Sseko seeks to preserve and promote indigenous trades and skill sets by providing employment during the nine-month gap between high school and University. Sseko address the income gap due to limited economic opportunities, which traditionally precludes female students from continuing their studies. The program allows the young women to earn and save enough money to pay for college tuition. Fifty percent of their monthly salary goes directly into a savings account that is only accessible when school tuition is due, thereby protecting the young women from familial and social pressure to give up their earnings. At the end of each term, Sseko Designs grant university scholarships that match up to one hundred percent of each woman’s savings. Every woman that has graduated from the Sseko program to date, is currently pursuing a college degree, or has already graduated from university.

Sseko17Sseko partner with women from all walks of life, including those already graduated from University programs. Their management team is comprised of Ugandan graduates, women who use their education, experience and voice to help shape the company. Partnering with a local NGO, Sseko also work with young women who have recently come out of the sex trade, offering a stable, dignified and fair wage alternative.


With a strong belief in economic development, Sseko choose to work with a sustainable, self-sufficient business model to address the underlying issues of extreme poverty. Thereby avoiding the sometimes-detrimental effects that charity and aid can have on local economies. Hoping to encourage conscious consumerism as a force for positive social change, Sseko produce beautiful products, to tell beautiful stories. The entire team of fifty women are featured on their website, each telling of their dreams and ambitions.

Sseko19Website: http://ssekodesigns.com