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Commentary & Critique - Body of Expression

The body can be an shocking vehicle for artistic expression for many, often challenging cultural norms of appropriateness of time, place and use, it's a powerful tool when combined with a questioning and challenging mind.

Commentary & Critique - One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

This is the second of a three part series on Design for Recycling, this one focusing on Pre Consumer waste written for the Textile Toolbox, TED's web platform for MISTRA in Sweden.

Commentary & Critique - Beyonce goes Vegan

Beyoncé’s fashion faux pas represents an interesting opportunity to discuss the disconnect between the expectation and understanding of what a commitment to a veganism means.

Commentary & Critique - Angora; An Argument for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

The debate on the ethics and animal welfare of angora rabbits, and the resulting clothing made from it, has been raging in the media for sometime now.

Coco Eco Magazine

Coco Eco Magazine's Eco Fashion Highlights from 2012 written by Sass Brown.

Coco Eco Magazine - Holiday 13 Issue

Refashioned, Redesigned, Reused; The Designers Using Other People's Leftovers to Create Cutting Edge Fashion

Coco Eco Magazine - European Editor Loves

Coco Eco Magazine's European Editor Loves - Curated by Sass Brown.

Coco Eco Magazine - Estethica

London Fashion Week has always been known as the cutting edge home of design, never failing to delight and surprise. In the burgeoning ethical fashion calendar; Estethica is one of must see eco fashion trade events on the calendar.