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Ceri Vintage


Ceri Vintage, located in the historic district of Florence, Italy, act as a reference for stylists, costume designers and for those that love to wear unique clothing.


The store is a treasure trove of unique items, many tattered, torn, patched and with all the unique signs of lives lived. Ceri specialize in workwear, with well-loved items from military and the trades reverently displayed and creatively partnered with other unique pieces.


With an undeniable love for repurposed country clothing, military surplus and workwear, Danilo Ceri carefully curates an eclectic mix of vintage garments with a designers eye.


Items are casually, but beautifully exhibited in a way that sparks mystery and intrigue in the onlooker. Heavily darned woolen socks resplendent in a multitude of yarn colors sit easily over the back of chair with a well worn farmers vest, each button different, pockets and armholes proudly displaying the multitude of repairs.


Rich, dark indigo workwear is everywhere, as are utilitarian graphic stamps of the military, intriguingly paired with worn and loved ballet point shoes, and fine world war II silk stockings, an explorers pith helmet and beautiful Japanese Boro patchwork. Everywhere the eye is delighted with unexpected pairings, and the honouring of textile lives lived and loved.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/CeriVintage

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