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LENA is a fashion library based in Amsterdam. Much like a book library, visitors browse the contents and select items of interest, only in this case its clothing not books.

Mieko Mintz

Mieko Mintz signature collection of jackets is produced from a dizzying array of vintage sari kantha quilts.

Denham The Jeansmaker

Amsterdam brand Denham the Jeansmaker produce a full range of men’s and women’s clothing, with the core of the brand firmly rooted in the premium denim segment.

Artemas Quibble

Jason Ross for Artemas Quibble produces a finely crafted line of jewely and accessories with a mix of antiquity and rough-hewn sophistication.

Clare Bare

Clare Bare is a Brooklyn based artist and designer specializing in eco-friendly lingerie made from bamboo jersey and vintage fabric.

Featured Video – Charlotte Bialas

Charlotte Bialas

The Charlotte Bialas collection is the epitome of understated French elegance.

Dent de Man

The Dent de Man collection is a combination of rich Ivory Coast inspiration and vibrant East London fashion scene.

Featured Podcast – American Fashion Podcast: Mimi New York

Mimi Prober, designer at Mimi New York, talks about her work, and her unique brand philosophy that involves making old things new again.

Longing For Sleep

Borrowing its name from the Estonian title for Chekhov’s novel “Let Me Sleep”, the conceptual collection “Longing for Sleep” is about the haunting wish to sleep during dark wintery times.

Ceri Vintage

Ceri Vintage, located in the historic district of Florence, Italy, act as a reference for stylists, costume designers and for those that love to wear unique clothing.

Tanvi Kant

Tanvi Kant is an award wining textile artist, producing a hand constructed jewelry collection from upcycling sari silks and textile remnants.

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