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Eleven Eleven


New Delhi design brand 11.11 was founded by fashion design and graphic graduate students Shani Himanshu and Mia Morikawa. Creating links between farmers, weavers, vegetable dyeing and block printing, the mens and womenswear collection is consolidating its roots in the luxury space.


Founded as a coherent and meaningful fashion collection producing ethical products while ensuring the sustainability of the local economy, the brand continue to explore new layers of social and commercial engagement.


The collection dissolves the distinction between day and evening wear, creating instead an identity which is neither under or over dressed. Each item is carefully designed from the curation of complimentary efforts celebrating the body, and the energy all around us.


Coming out of the urge to revalue discarded materials in surprising ways, the collection ignites a dialogue which challenges the idea of consumption through the creation of a playful collection. The collection is a response to being surrounded by natural, changing and unique objects, that help the creators connect to an authentic reality.


Website: http://11-11.in/index.php/