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KṸR is a contemporary women’s wear brand that incorporates Sri Lankan Dutch lace into a contemporary fashion collection. Known by many names, Beeralu Lace, Portuguese and Dutch hand made lace, or bobbin lace, it was introduced to Sri Lanka in the 15th and 16th centuries, when it became rooted in Sri Lankan tradition in the form of a fringed blouse, known as the kaba kuruthawa, worn as part of traditional female attire in the south.


The KṸR collection is feminine and delicate, yet intriguingly contemporary and urban at the same time. The severe, minimal color palette is limited to start black and white, with occasional injections of gray tonalities. Many pieces are made entirely of hand made lace, while others feature asymmetric lace insertions at unexpected angles in unexpected placement.


Every KṸR creation is a labor of love, honoring local tradition, heritage, and craftsmanship. Working with the lace making community in Sri Lanka, designer Kasuni Rathnasuriya is helping to revitalize a dying craft, while supporting the women in southern Sri Lanka gain independence.


Website: www.kurcollection.com