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Bishops Collective

Bishops Collective is an online Etailor with a mission to provide a more responsible solution to the current retail model. Taking the responsibility off the designer and placing it on the retailer, leading by example, and spearheading change themselves. The site offers a wide rage of American made goods including women’s fashion, accessories, jewelry and home décor. Combining fashion, art and lifestyle into an ecommerce platform, Bishops Collective advocates for stronger corporate social responsibility at retail, while supporting US made production.

Co-founders Mai Vu and Dimitri Koumbis, both teachers in fashion design and fashion merchandising, watched for years as American manufacturing jobs moved overseas, and retailers made greater profits on the backs of underpaid sample hands, paid minimum wage. Determined to use their digital storefront as a venue to educate consumers on the importance of supporting ethical production and reshoring, they opened Bishop Collective

Website: www.bishopcollective.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BishopCollective

Twitter: @BSHP_Collective

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/BishopCollect

Instagram: http://instagram.com/bshp_collective