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(re)vision Society


(re)vision Society is a creative design studio developing projects that radically reinvent the notions of production and consumption. Not rooted in fashion alone the brands ethos is instead rooted in creative solutions to waste. Crafting luxury limited edition items with a limited impact on the environment, (re)vision society invest in the provenance of the product and the materials. The concept of (re)visioning goes well beyond beauty and function, to incorporate a mode of being, a means to constantly question, improve and seek answers. Seasonal collections and passing fads and fashion are not part of the creative equation at (re)vision, focusing instead on considered, conceptual projects designed to redefine our relationship with things. Promoting a thoughtful perspective on creation, (re)vision create lasting impressions on convention.


Project #1 is based around the 15% of waste generated from traditional fashion manufacturing. A covetable unisex hybrid tote/rucksack, constructed from menswear offcuts, normally bound for landfill or incineration. The bag is constructed solely from offcuts from menswear garment manufacturing, while the leather used for the handles comes from accessories and shoe producers. Internal structures and linings are similarly constructed form wasted materials; the bag is pieced together by hand, ensuring a mindful creation.


Project #2 is a unisex indigo scarf produced from discarded raw selvedge panels from shirt factories. Unisex and versatile, it can serve a multitude of uses, a concept that is explored through the design process by (re)vision through each creation. All items are hand stamped and hand numbered to emphasize the limited nature and hand made quality of the projects. All materials are locally sourced in and around London, and the items all produced locally too. The brands scope extends much farther than fashion alone, focusing around the mantra that if you can make it cool to care, you can make change. (re)vision are a new type of company with problem solving at their core, fundamentaly invested in design as a problem solver as opposed to a specific market niche.


Website: http://revisionsociety.com