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Inspired by travel, and borne of late night conversations and dreams shared by friends Yvonne and Ren, MATTER have a mission to make clothing that matters. Producing fun, functional pants using artisan printed, and hand loomed textiles, the collection connects the wearer with the maker, by making pieces that carry handcrafted grace in every thread, and cultural heritage in their color and shape. Inspired by tradition, MATTER source heritage prints and reinterpret them for the modern nomad. The brand mission is to foster design, artisan collaborations, to inspire customers to value provenance and process, and to pioneer sustainable change for rural textile communities.


A socially motivated business focusing on affordable luxury, thoughtful design and provenance, MATTER create travel clothing to tell stories in. The brand is community based, story driven, and built on relationships and respect of provenance. Founded in 2014, MATTER began simply with the intention of making where and why and by whom, matter. They rely on their artisans knowledge as well as local input to influence the design through a collaborative process. The collection is trans seasonal, with a fixed number of styles in a broad variety of fabrics and prints.


Championing alternative production models for textile artisans, MATTER help them expand their economic opportunities. With a belief that rural craft needs network support and market access to attain sustainable growth, they work with a hybrid supply chain that spans artisan materials and fair factory production. Artisans develop unique, heritage-based textiles forming the limited edition raw materials for MATTER’s pant collection, while the factory has expertise in garment construction, combined with international compliance standards.


Specializing in block printing, MATTER searched heritage blocks, textile museums and books to discover enduring cultural stories told through hand the carved wooden blocks. Working with a printer in Rajasthan, India, who understood the historic meanings, MATTER work directly with the block carvers to create contemporary versions that continue the essential stories and spirit. Pants are also produced with traditional Ikat, where hand tie dyed yarn is woven to reveal a tapestry of meaning and pattern.


Website: http://matterprints.com