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Universal Utility


Universal Utility it a timeless, quality made clothing line made to last a lifetime. The clothing is carefully crafted, without season, time, age or trend. The aesthetic is utilitarian Victorian, reminiscent of newspaper boys and washer women in a Charles Dickens novel, without the drama or the frills, just plain old, workwear garments designed to last.


The philosophy is slow workmanship made to create a lifelong product. Working with traditional construction techniques, the collection is hand made by a single sewer that produces each garment from beginning to end, and not by current production methodology of piece work, with each sewer doing one small job repetitively, so as to speed up garment manufacture. Universal Utility could not be made in a conventional factory.


Originally available through a select number of retailers such as Egg London, and Dover Street Market Toykyo, it now has a permanent home in in-ku. The brand is proudly made in England and appreciated by Londoners. Designed by Carin Mansfield, the creator also collaborates with Rei Kawakubo on the Comme des Garcon Edited black project in Japan.


Website: http://universalutilityltd.com