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Photo by Jussi Ratilainen

The fashion forward Lovia womenswear and accessories collection is produced in their atelier in Finland, from a broad range of materials including hemp, recycled fabric, organic bamboo, linen, silk, and a variety of leathers. Lovia produce durable designs from sustainable materials, produced as far as possible with respect to nature. Sourcing materials from the likes of Texvex Forssa, who recycle four tons of textiles a month, and who unlike other textile recyclers do not operate donation banks, but instead interact with the donors directly to keep the stories and history of the garments alive. Lovia also work with Pure Waste Textiles, who produce a 100% recycled fabric using industrial waste.

Photo by Jussi Ratilainen

The accessories and bag collection is produced in a small leather factory in Italy and Estonia from sustainable materials such as Finnsheep and fish leather, mostly a byproduct from food production. Deer, elk and reindeer leather are augmented with recycled leathers. Lovia feature each of their production partners and suppliers on their website, with a bio on each company alongside the designs they helped produce. Transparency is a vital component of the brand DNA as well as a means for Lovia to tell the stories of their makers.


Photo by Jussi Ratilainen

Answering the long debated question; fur or no fur? Lovia choose vintage, creating traceable designs from leftovers and wild fur. Wild materials include Reindeer suede, chrome tanned in Sweden, and farmed by the Nordic minority Sami people that live off the land, as well as Burbot leather, a Finish fresh water fish, which is vegetable tanned. Even secondary materials are sustainably sourced where possible with all buttons, zippers and linings sourced from Finland or the greater EU.


Photo by Jussi Ratilainen

Website: www.loviacollection.com

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