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Noorism re-claims vintage denim Jeans by taking them apart and remaking them into new, contemporary, womenswear and accessories. Each item is unique, differing from all others due to the unique nature of the base materials. Each design has a story to tell, and a pre existing history.

Styling is simple, clean and contemporary with a focus on wearability and comfort, with just a touch of flirtatiousness. The Noorism brand represents the founder’s personal values, as she strives to set a positive example in the fashion industry. Referencing the fact that the apparel industry is the second largest user of water world wide, Noorism donates $5 from every purchase to the charity; Water.

Founded in 2015 by Noor Zakka, the brand was founded after being disheartened by the sheer volume of poorly-made, disposable clothing produced every year by the Fashion industry. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology with a specialization in tailoring, Zakka also designed for Zac Posen, Tahari and Ellen Tracy in New York. Based in Brooklyn, Zakka is committed to creating quality clothing and accessories produced in safe working conditions in the New York areaZakka is a resident of the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, and a Made in NY Fashion accredited brand.  

Website: www.noorism.com