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Umran Aysan

London based U’mran Aysan’s eponymous collection, exudes simple, sleek, refined, timeless style. The classic lifestyle collection typifies the beauty of the Aegean region with a unique sense of spirit. Created for women who seek comfort combined with eye catching style, the collection came out of the completion of a spiritual journey for designer Aysan, grounded in the charming nature of Caria, in South Western Anatolia.

With twenty years working in the creative industries, Aysan launched her own collection to tackle major artistic and ethical principles. The collection is grounded in sustainable processes, and in support of maintaining traditional methods of craftsmanship. Several artisanal techniques are utilized in the collection as a means of honoring the craft, and building a brighter future for the artisans and their families. Fabrications used in the collection are carefully chosen for their comfort, environmental footprint, and sustainable nature.

Umran Aysan was awarded the coveted Butterfly mark in recognition of her commitment to social, environmental and philanthropic good. Honored for her protection of traditional craftsmanship, Ausan manages a sustainable material ecosystem.

Website: www.umranaysan.com