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Lotusland Imports

Vancouver owned Lotusland Imports, is a curated ethical jewelry and accessories collection and website. Rooted in sustainability, Loutsland Imports and showcases items produced with a conscience, acting as a vehicle for positive and environmental change, beautifully. The idea for the project came about as a creative and collaborative, environmental solution to help stop deforestation in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, East Africa, while simultaneously addressing issues of poverty in the local Maasai tribal people. Prior to the jewelry project, the Maasai women predominately generated income by cutting down trees to make and sell charcoal.

The hand beaded collection of jewelry is produced by the talented women artisans of the Massai, while the jewelry is designed by students at the Istituto Europea di Design in Milan, mentored by partner and Director Francesca Soldini. The development of this alternative micro enterprise allows the Maasai artisan women to work from home on their tribal lands, together with their children, protects the environment, preserves indigenous culture, and creates a stable and sustainable income source for the women. This stable source of income means they not only gain independence, but with basic needs covered, such as food, medicine and education, they are able to create better lives for themselves, their families and their community. Now that’s a beautiful thing!

Website: http://lotuslandimports.com

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Twitter: @lotuslandimpv

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