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Daniel Silverstein

Young designer Daniel Silversteinn, a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Fashion Design Major, and founder first of 100% followed by Daniel Silverstein.  As the name suggest, the brand is one hundred percent committed to creating extraordinary garments, with every piece in the collection cut from one hundred percent organic supine cotton.  The easy wear garments feature complex cutting and inlays, reminiscent of spines or scales, carefully following and flattering the body’s contours. Reptilian inserts and panels decorate most items in this body conscious collection, with less structured draped wraps and tops completing the collection, and the perfect compliment to the close fitting pants.  Zips are exposed and featured, often in contrasting colors to the neutral and candy colored collection. Patterns are designed to eliminate textile waste, and utilize each piece of fabric in its totality, a technique knows as zero waste cutting, with garment utilization of 15% waste the norm in the industry. Produced in the USA, each item is responsibly sourced.

Silverstein started sketching as early as kindergarten, and producing his own designs by high school.   Interning with the likes of Carmen Marc Valvo and Carolina Herrera. Silverstein also studied in F.I.T.’s Milan study abroad program.  Working freelance in the industry since graduation in 2010, Silverstein was driven by the desire to create modern designs.  Horrified by the amount of waste in the industry, he felt it his responsibility to challenge industry norms and the waste built into standard production methodology, as well as in the fashion system and normal operating procedures.

Bacon, one of the partners from 100% is also an F.I.T. graduate, and the granddaughter of a master seamstress, Bacon’s introduction to the craft of design, was naturally enough through sewing, which she started at a very young age.  Receiving multiple awards and acknowledgements for excellence throughout her academic career, craftsmanship is paramount to Bacon’s work.  With a background in lingerie and loungewear, Bacon interned for Betsy Johnson Sleepwear, as well as worked for Gossamer Intimates.

Website: www.danielsilverstein.us