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With a belief that any new brand must have a mission beyond simply producing beautiful and functional clothing. Animana do believe that the world does need more connection to the earth, each other and the artistry that is created through man and nature working in harmony. The women’s knit and woven brand believe in better choices that transform lives, cultures and natural habitats. The story of Animaná is greater than the founder, Adriana Marina. A passionate collective of academics, professionals, designers, artists and artisans, all of whom have all contributed their insight and skill to shape Animaná. An entity united by the desire to build a better supply chain, Animaná’s collective approach has been recognized by a number of prominent social enterprise organizations.


The design of each product allows the true beauty of the raw materials to shine through. Animaná believe in recovering the beauty of ancestral techniques, reinvigorating them with a contemporary design aesthetics. The collection has an easy wear aesthetic with clean lines, and wearable silhouettes. Cocooning and draped designs gently skim the body with fine knit details and simple, unexpected lines and cuts. Natural mélange and heathered yarns are produced from the finest Patagonian Merino wool, silk and alpaca, guanaco, vicugna, llama and alpaca. Artisans hand spin the fibers and dye them with native plant pigments, reviving the techniques inherited from their rich Patagonian and Andean history.


Animaná understand the truth, wisdom and secrets of the Andes, building bridges where cultural knowledge and information contribute to a more ethical and responsible economy. Adhering to a higher level of social commitment, Animaná is helping to reestablish local cultural and artistic identity, which in turn supports a richer and more sustainable world for the indigenous population, their environment, and their customers. Designers from around the world are invited to work with the Patagonian and Andean artisan communities, to combine their ancestral experiences with their knowledge of modern fashion trends. Animaná collaborates with a multitude of organizations to fuel the exchange of information and, most importantly, ensure the livelihood of local communities.


Website: www.animanaonline.com