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Founded by a New York based British couple, ELEVEN SIX comes from a love of fine Knitwear and unique, hand crafted products. With a lifetime passion for travel, Catherine and Nick Carnevale were motivated to combine their years of fashion industry experience to create ELEVEN SIX. ElevenSix4

Combining contemporary design with traditional Andean knitting techniques, ELEVEN SIX offers an effortless, and elevated approach to knitwear, designed for a modern woman in need of a versatile wardrobe to suit a lifestyle of work, travel and play. Worn alone or mix and matched for a head-to-toe look, refined silhouettes evoke a relaxed femininity that is underscored by a neutral color palette.


ELEVEN SIX work with master knitters in Peru and a Bolivian artisan cooperative to thoughtfully craft products of uncompromising quality. Inspired by Peru’s rich heritage of textile craftsmanship, the collection features modern separates created from the finest spun Alpaca and blended yarns.


Each piece takes many hours to produce by hand, and every item with its own unique, one-of-a-kind characteristics. The hangtag records the artist’s signature and an edition number, to pass on some hand-crafted love to its new owner.


Website: www.eleven-six.co

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