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Tengri is a London based fashion brand, a collective movement that brings together design, fashion, ethics and environmental activism. The collection incorporates a range of finely knitted ribbed and cabled sweaters for him and her, from super fine to super chunky, each style incorporating complex cable and rib combinations, criss crossing the body. The collection is produced from 100% natural and undyed Mongolian yak wool. With a focus on knitted designs, the line also includes finely woven yak fiber coats and scarves, showcasing the diversity of tone and color, with three tone color blocked men’s and women’s jackets and coats.


Designed and made in the UK, Tengri aim to bring the unique qualities of yak fiber to the forefront of fashion, through sustainable business.  Partnering with like-minded organizations that protect, people and planet, Tengri foster cross cultural learning and trade opportunities for small Mongolian and British companies. Tengri’s aim is to improve the livelihoods of Mongolian nomadic herders, while protecting and celebrating the country’s unique landscape and beautiful traditions.  The collection is produced in limited numbers, reflecting the natural and seasonal availability of yak fiber, which is collected by hand by combing the yaks during molting season.


Founded by Nancy Johnston after a trip to Mongolia, the brand came to life as a means to help preserve the Mongolian nomadic herders traditional way of life, which is threatened by industrialization and desertification caused by the over grazing of cashmere goats. The Mongolian yak produces a robust and unique wool, which helps them endure the harsh winters in high altitudes.  Soft as cashmere, and warmer than merino wool, the fiber is organic and hypoallergenic, odor resistant, breathable, less prone to pilling than other fibers, and stronger than lamb’s wool.  Yak fiber can be produced without the intensive grazing that cashmere goats require, helping to preserve the natural Mongolian landscape.  The knitwear is produced to the highest quality in Hawick, Scotland, a town famous for its knitwear since the 18th century.  Made by a cooperative of women living in rural Scotland. While pants and coats are produced by expert tailors in London.


Still in fundraising mode, Tengri is crowdsourcing funds to take the collection from prototype to production.

Website: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/tengri