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Naadam is a knitwear brand producing an understated collection of men’s and womenswear from responsibly sourced cashmere. With a layered minimal aesthetic made from the highest quality cashmere in the world.


Variegated ribs, pockets and vents easily layer one over another to created complex silhouettes from understated color stories revolving around off white, camel, taupe and charcoal, with glories interjections of olive green and deep burgundy. Simple solid colors are broken up with the occasional complex jacquard, camouflage and stripes.


The cashmere for the collection is harvested seasonally from the Bayangovi region of Mongolia. Nomadic life is central to Mongolian culture and heritage, one that is currently under threat from desertification, and an increasingly volatile climate, which has caused herders to abandon their livelihood. Naadam exists to preserve and extend nomadic life, through the production of a sensitive and beautiful collection of cashmere clothing.


Website: www.naadamcashmere.com

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