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Dara Artisans



Dara believe in the art of craft, and the distinctive impression left by the human hand, in beautiful design, original, evocative, inspiring and transformative. They believe in ancient roots and modern soul, through the preservation of heritage crafts, while fostering progress, in exploration and discovery through design and experiences that transport. They tell the stories of craft as a repository of personal and cultural narratives, through rich materials handed down for generations. Empowering artisans through the creation of economic and social value, erasing borders to foster artisanal collaborations.


The name DARA translates to “star” in Khmer, “leader” in Turkish, “compassion” in Hebrew and “beautiful one” in Swahili. Founded by media veterans Dan and Dara Brewster to share the work of incredible craftspeople worldwide. Dara believe that handmade designs have the power to enrich our lives with beauty and meaning. They connect artisans with the global marketplace, enabling them to make greater contribution to their own communities. Dara represents artisans that work with jewelry, accessories, and home décor, in materials as diverse as wood, wool, ceramic and glass. The highly curated and tasteful site features an exquisite array of artisans from Paris to Peru, from Laotian weavers, to an LA woodworker.


Based in New York, the small team hale from big brands and tastemakers in design, digital media and marketing, to present the best of artisanal work. The website invites you on a journey of discovery, as they scour the globe for extraordinary handmade products. They reflect the personal stories of their makers, as well as the wider narrative of the cultures that inspired them. They seek out craft traditions imbued with generations of knowledge, but relevant to an elevated and modern aesthetic.


DARA Artisans promotes cultural curiosity and a sense of discovery by offering a sophisticated edit of handmade artisan crafts to an audience seeking authentic, responsibly sourced designs with a modern aesthetic.


Website: http://www.daraartisans.com/