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Johanna Riplinger


Working from the inspirational city of Paris, German American designer Johanna Riplinger, designs a contemporary womenswear collection for a global woman of style. Riplinger believes that respect for nature, respect for women, and respect of craft are fundamental to her business.


With inspiration drawn from nature, Johanna Riplinger’s collections reflect her commitment to sustainable methods and materials. The collection combines sustainable labor practices with a fashion forward aesthetic, and natural materials.


The wearable, coordinated collection features clean lines combined with a softened structural core, complimented by feminine touches. Pastels and mid tones are combined with ditzy all over patterns, water marked prints and diffused and softened geometrics. Colors range from softest coral, through powder blue, soft white, buttermilk, and strawberry milkshake, anchored by strong military khaki and chino beige.


Website: http://johannariplinger.com/