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Reincarnated Soles


Reincarnated Soles is a footwear project designed to preserve Hue’s pagoda woodcraft techniques. As part of Fashion4Freedom, Reincarnated Soles are part of a greater solution to shape a better society. Paying homage to the ancient craft that once sustained livelihoods and defined cultural identities, Fashion4Freedom are helping to protect centuries old craftsmanship that are quietly slipping away in the globalized economy.


By instilling modern ingenuity with ancient craftsmanship, Reincarnated Soles are part of a greater vision that is dedicated to revitalizing global cottage industries. Brining novelty to cultural preservation, they sustain communities and reinvigorate the supply chain.


Resurrecting Vietnam’s lost craft of Imperial and Pagoda wood art, Reincarnated Soles shoes captures the detail and craftsmanship of ancient Vietnamese wood art through the lens of modern luxury. The intricately carved shoes feature traditional symbols of dragons and wings supporting a contemporary leather ankle boot. Taking eighteen days at the hands of a craftsman, Fashion4Freedom is translating the timeless beauty from times gone by.


Website: www.fashion4freedom.com

Retail: www.etsy.com/shop/Fashion4Freedom