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Bibi Hanum


Bibi Hanum creates traditional and contemporary clothing using hand woven ikat fabric from master craftsmen in Uzbekistan.



Working with traditional techniques that have been in place for generations, the ikats come from the Fergana Valley region.



Traditional hand embroidery in the form of tambour, chain and satin stitch, adorn many of the kaftans, created by women from the Nurata, Burkhara and Samarkand.


The collection incorporates a range of contemporary styles, including sweet playful tops, simple shift dresses, and long flowing skirts, and is augmented by traditional Uzbek caftans. All designs are produced from the distinctive Uzbek cotton and silk ikat, and combined with velvet, embroidery and delicately tassled ties.


Ikat is an ancient type of fabric that requires the yarn to be resist dyed prior to weaving, and which results in distinct feathered patterns often in bold colors. Embroideries are inspired by the traditional suzani patterns of the region.



A social enterprise, Bibi Hanum was founded by fashion and photo artist Muhayo Aliyeva in an effort to support the economic development of women. Uzbek tailors, weavers and embroiderers were traditionally part of a guild system, until the Soviet Union’s imposed modernization replaced handwork work with factory work, playing havoc with tradition and craftsmanship.


Since independence in the early 90’s, Uzbekistan has slowly been reinstating craftsmanship as a valuable part of their cultural heritage. The Prince Clause fund has supported the rediscovery and revaluation of tradition and craftsmanship, helping Bibi Hanum recreate designs and patterns based on old garments found in museums.


Website: www.bibihanum.com

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