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Heartwear is a non-profit that collaborates with artisans from around the world, supporting them in producing in greater scale without compromising their skills, culture or the environment they live in.


Created by Lidewij Edelkoort in 1993, along with a group of fashion designer friends, Heartwear produces and distributes high quality artisanal products for fashion, accessories and the home.


With the aim of developing long-term partnerships with a region or artisanal collective, Heartwear work towards development and improving product demand.


Projects have ranged from creating indigo dyed textiles for fashion and interior with artisans in Benin, ceramics with artisans in Morocco and khadi cotton in India.


Profits are reinvested into the region where the artists live, with the goal of self-sustainability for the artisans and the community.


Website: www.edelkoort.com/heartwear

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