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Featured Collection – B Yellowtail



June of this year saw the launch of LA based womenswear designer Bethany Yellowtail, a Native America designer of the Northern Cheyenne and Crow tribes, launch their new e-commerce site in partnership with a group of Native American artists, all from the Northern Plains regions – the B. Yellowtail Collective.


The new site features a range of work, including jewelry, beadwork, textiles, handbags and accessories, each handmade by an artist in the collective. Every one-of-a-kind piece is created through traditional methods with culturally significant techniques, passed down through generations.


Since the founding of the brand, Bethany Yellowtail has envisioned a collaborative project that supports Native American art. The idea is an outgrowth of Yellowtail’s observation that many Native artist lack easy access to markets due to their remote locations. Using the byellowtail.com website as an outlet to sell their work, Bethany is enable a range of talented Native artisans to access the marketplace, while exposing consumers the breadth of authentic, artisan made Northern Plains goods. The website features the unique individual backgrounds of each of the artists in ‘the Collective’.


“There will now be a face and a name behind their work, not just a generic idea of Native American product,” Yellowtail said, “Consumers will be able to see their faces, hear their voices, and understand the significance and individuality behind their designs and concepts.”
“It’s really about inspiring hope and creating positive change while preserving cultural continuity. We’ve set out to share indigenous art with the world while providing empowering, entrepreneurial initiatives for Native peoples.”


Website: www.byellowtail.com

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