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The IOU Project


The IOU Project produces unique, handmade apparel based on handwoven fabrics from India. Their unmistakable aesthetic celebrates the uniqueness of artisanal weaving, the variations, the imperfections and the individuality of each and every piece. Tracing their supply chain from the artisan in India to the craftsman in Europe, The IOU Project’s supply chain is entirely traceable, back to the individual weaver. The brand ask each customer to share a photo of themselves in their IOU design, to document the end of their supply chain, and complete the straight line from weaver to consumer, completing the story that begins in India, continues to Europe and ends up on you. They share the stories of each creator on their Ecommerce site acting as a meeting place for a community to share authenticity, transparency and uniqueness with each individual customer playing a role in the sustainability of the story.


Staying true to the brand mantra of celebrating uniqueness, The IOU Project also celebrate the uniqueness of their customer with a quirky, individual aesthetic that bunks fast fashion and trend, and replaces it with individual style, unafraid to make a statement. The collection centers around the classic Madras check, with each design made form a different two meter length known as a Lungi from the Tamil Nadu region of India. The IOU Project is as much an idea as it is a brand, the idea that business when carried out with true transparency and authenticity, can foster a sense of shared responsibility towards the environment, and a catalyst for change beyond the initial scope of a fashion business, causing a positive feedback loop, they call a Prosperity Chain.


Tracing their heritage back to the 1920’s and the peaceful revolution led by Mahatma Gandhi who honoured the tradition of hand weaving in Indian heritage. The IOU Project help support a small part of over 20 million families in India that depend on hand loom weaving. The scale of which is responsible for weaving 50 million meters of cloth a day, using practically no energy and natural cotton grown locally. They are the world’s most environmentally friendly textile manufactures, and 100% sustainable, creating beautiful textiles in an endless variety of colors and pattern, some of which end up on The IOU Project designs.

Website: www.iouproject.com