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Style With Heart


Style With Heart, is an online guide to hundreds of ethical and eco-friendly fashions and accessory brands. Committed to combining passionate belief in the power of beautiful things to inspire and bring happiness, Style With Heart was inspired by William Morris and Charles Ashbee’s Arts and Crafts movement. Based on the Morris quote “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”, Style With Heart brings you beautifully crafted clothes and accessories that make you feel as good as you look.


The companies featured on the website have been carefully chosen based on their ethical principles, combined with their commitment to beauty, quality and originality. By cutting out the middleman, Style With Heart is all about a fairer deal for the people who make the products, the environment, and those that purchase the goods. Bringing together producers, brands, communities and shoppers from a rich global community, committed to eliminating disposable fashion.


Style With Heart is more than just an E-commerce website, it’s a place to share ethical and environmental news, tips for sustainable living, events, and special offers. Style With Heart provide links to other companies and organizations that care about the same issues, and who are trying to make a difference. Simply put, Style With Heart is for people with Style, and people with Heart.


Founder Gillian Osrin has worked in the fashion world for 20 years, with 11 of those years in retail. Aware of our greater responsibility to the wider community, Style With Heart aims to create wider value for people who care about the world, and want to find and purchase high quality and beautiful products.


Website: www.stylewithheart.com