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Re;code is a Korean brand specializing in upcycled fashion. Launched in March of 2012, they started from a place of consideration for the environment, and the realization that dead stock fabric and garments from major brands, including that of their own umbrella corporation, was being incinerated to protect brand integrity. A sub-division of Kolon Industries, a 3.6 billion USD company founded in the nylon textile development of the 1950’s, Kolon is iconic in Korea’s fashion industry for revolutionizing the contemporary fashion market.


Creating something new from waste to create value, re;code is challenging the mainstream industry by reinterpreting design, and giving back to the environment. Working with independent designers hoping to enter the market, the collection gives them a platform for exposure to gain a foothold in the market place through collaborative design and inclusion in Re;code’s collection. Designer collaborations have included renowned UK upcycling brand Junky Styling, Andee Kang, Jaewoong Jeong, ByungMun Seo.


Working with a broad range of materials, and creating jackets, bags and tops for men and women from military fabrics, tents, uniforms and parachutes, as well as fashioning used car air bags into purses, totes and shirts. Each item in the collection has a story, and creates a new culture of value in place of waste. Working with the mentally handicapped and the ‘Goodwill Store’ to deconstruct salvaged materials ready for reinterpretation and redesign. Designs are produced in highly limited numbers with 6 the maximum in any style, and each one labeled with the total number of designs produced. Each piece is created by a master craftsman in their atelier store, which also hosts small spaces for a limited time to complimentary emerging designers, and craftspeople, fulfilling part of their mission to share the brand and give them opportunities to design, manufacture and promote their work. Re;code believes that worth grows through collaboration and creates new value through sharing. The brand also supports hearing impaired youth through the purchasing of hearing aids and the organization of a fundraising music concert. Hearing impaired designer Andee Kang is also one of the designers chosen to work in collaboration with Re;code to re-design military overstock into cutting edge designs.


Showing in Paris and Berlin, Re;code is supported by several Korean celebrities and has received coverage in a range of high profile international publications, including Vogue, Bazaar, Elle Girl, Design and Marie Claire. Re;code opened their first store in July of this year, the brand also organized a range of pop up stores across Korea including the Hyundai Department Store, Lotte; Korea’s main department store, and Shinsagae, the worlds largest departments store, in the now famous Gangnam branch, popularized by the viral K-pop video by Psy – Gangnam Style.

Website: http://re-code.co.kr/

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