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The Fableists


The Fableists is a totally sustainable clothing company for kids between the ages of four and ten. Sweatshop and chemical free, their clothes are made from one hundred percent certified organic cotton, in Fair Wear and Fair Trade certified factories. The brands mission is to produce cool, edgy clothing for kids that are sustainable, ethical and built to last. The collection is based on classic vintage work wear with a cool utilitarian aesthetic. Timeless, hardwearing clothing designed to look as good in ten years as it does now, and worn year round. The clothing is made to be passed on to someone else when they’re outgrown, so each piece comes with its own passport, to track where its been and where its going.

TheFableist2A host of British talent makes up the brand, and includes artist, designers, directors, an ad agency, photographer and production company, all pooling talents to create a label with a vision. Originally founded as a means to combat child labour in the production of childrenswear, the brand expanded their mission to include sustainable, organic materials. The Fabelists take great care right from the growing and farming of the fibre that goes to make their clothing, all the way to the packaging and delivery of the finished garments. All the cotton used in the collection is GOTS certified with the Soil Association oversight while ninety five percent of all water used to grow the fibre comes from monsoons, not elaborate irrigation systems that deplete the water table.


The origin of the name the Fabelists, comes from the combination of ‘fable’ – a short story with a moral, and ‘activist’ – someone with a rebellious spirit who makes positive change happen. The Fableists is a label with a vision.


Website: http://thefableists.com/