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Charlotte Bialas


The Charlotte Bialas collection is the epitome of understated French elegance. A riot of sophisticated, demure prints with such a sultry, sweet, properness, you could see a young Audrey Hepburn or a Duchess of Cambridge wearing them.


Contemporary and tilmeless silhouettes are effortless in shape, yet resolutely modern, reflecting true luxury in attention to detail and fabric quality. The collection is dress centric, centered around the perfect dress, augmented by simple shirt, skirt and soft pant coordinates.


Every item in the collection is created from rare vintage silks dating from 1950’s. The hand picked fabrics are chosen for their exceptional quality, print technique and origin, making each piece available only in very limited numbers or entirely unique. Each piece is numbered. Textiles are expertly sourced from antique fairs, auctions, vintage stock and mills around the world.

Website: http://charlottebialas.com