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By Walid


By Walid produce one of a kind pieces from hand picked antique fabric using traditional English weaving techniques, and hand embroidery. Designs for men and women are produced entirely from artisanal upcycled and vintage materials.


Each design is informed by an innate understanding of the hand, texture, color and structure of the materials themselves. Clean, understated shapes highlight the beauty of the materials such as 19th century Chinese silk, and 18th century lace, crochet and beading, resulting in a rich colourful collection of printed and pieced separates.


Previously the Creative Director at Joseph, designer Walid Damirji admits to a long time love of antiques, textiles and vintage pieces. Inspired by the provenance of the materials themselves, Damirji often creates around a single piece of beading, building the rest of the outfit from there. Often working with delicate materials, Damirji will back vintage lace onto cotton and dye it to create a whole new story based around texture, color and material.



Captivated by the romance of textiles, By Walid tell and build stories around them, creating luxury items with exceptional vintage textiles, museum quality heirloom pieces with a modern aesthetic. Intensely protective of his creations, Damirji is extremely selective when it comes to which outlets can sell his work. Each item takes so many hours of work, that he feels it is important to be displayed in an appropriate setting, to attract a customer who can understand and appreciate the workmanship.


Website; http://bywalid.com

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