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Mieko Mintz


Mieko Mintz signature collection of jackets is produced from a dizzying array of vintage sari kantha quilts. The beautiful, history-laden materials from West Bengal are a wonderful patchwork of print and plain materials skillfully patched and stitched together with row upon row of simple running stitch. Paisley’s, floral’s and geometric patterns in soft cotton are pieced together in an endless array of kaleidoscopic prints and patterns, each one unique, and with its own variety of color, print and its own story.


Following the kantha tradition, Mintz’s designs are made into throws in West Bengal, and then cut into a variety of sophisticated but simple jacket styles. The collection of jackets run the range of short to long, semi fitted to kimono shaped, many with large waterfall collars, but each with an eye for fit that transcends simple upcycling, to a sophisticated, well cut line of jackets and coats. Left over fabrics are upcycled again into a Japanese style pouch bag, hats, scarves, wraps and even jewelry. The collection also includes assymetric kantha dresses, and ombre’ mud dyed shibori trapeze dresses.


Website: http://miekomintz.com