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Mimco Designs a unique accessories collection, the core of which comprises handbags, small leather goods, jewelry and shoes. They also produce watches, sunglasses, hair accessories, hats and scarves. Mimco’s philosophy is accessible luxury, but with a quirky sense of style, and they pride themselves on creating quality, design-led pieces that can be collected, treasured, and loved. The Mimco collection epitomizes their love for blending contrasts, unique combinations, proportion, mixed materials and a constant sense of play. Creative Director Cathryn Wills works with her team to produce collections with a rich narrative.


Based in Melbourne Australia, the brand came into being in 1996, and now operates more than 100 stores across Australia and New Zealand. Skilled artisans in Asia, India, Spain and Argentina produce the collection. Mimco also established a partnership with Ethical Fashion Artisans (EFA) in 2014, working with skilled Maasai craftspeople in Kenya. This heartfelt collection reflects the vibrancy of the Maasai culture, combined with 20 years of Mimco history.


The collaboration has allowed Mimco to help this remote community establish a sustainable economy and independent livelihoods. In partnership with the Ethical Fashion Initiative, and underpinned by Mimco’s robust sustainability strategy, the brand are committed to maintaining high ethical standards throughout their supply chain. Each of Mimco’s suppliers must comply with the International Labor Organization’s conventions for ethical trade.


MIMCO is proud to partner with Our Watch, a not-for-profit initiative dedicated to preventing domestic violence before it starts, through challenging gender inequality and restrictive gender stereotypes. The MIMCO x Our Watch collection features three pouches, each with a powerful message. 100% of all profits from sale of the pouches goes towards training and education initiatives to help end violence against women and children.


Website: www.mimco.com.au

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