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Naturevsfuture is an artistic expression of organic futurism via clothing. Blending innovative, sculptural design, with natural and sustainable fabrics, naturevsfuture is designed with an eco-conscious approach. NVF acknowledges the increased environmental concerns and the need to preserve and respect our earth. I respect of which, founder Nina Valenti, chooses to incorporate mainly organic, sustainable, renewable, biodegradable and recycled materials in the collection. Mixing such fabrics as organic cotton, organic wool, hemp, soy, bamboo, seacell, lyocell, Ingeo along with recycled and technological fabrics such as Polartec, she creates pieces that have a futuristic edge yet are inherently classic.


Launched in 2002, Brooklyn native and Parsons graduate Valenti fuses classic with cutting edge, and deconstructive with a refined elegance to create something new. The collection is functional, comfortable and bold, as well as made to truly fit the body. Each style is designed to be timeless and worn for years to come.


Naturevsfuture believes in minimizing waste, with pieces created for longevity with an eco-conscious approach. They are collected and worn until they diminish rather than discarded after a season. “We learn every day so we can make better decisions on how we proceed. We try to spread environmental awareness through our products from the knowledge we acquire.” says Valenti. Produced entirely in the New York Cities garment district, the collection helps to support local manufacturing while keeping their carbon footprint in check.


The brand has received significant international press over the years, including reviews in WWD, Italian Vogue, Nylon, Lucky and Time Out to name just a few, and has been featured in a range of exhibitions. Valenti has also designed uniforms for restaurants, and eco-friendly wedding gowns and evening dresses.