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Wintervacht translated means winter fur, or winter coat, a fitting name for a brand that produces outerwear from recycled blankets. The collection of coats and jackets range from simple bomber style, with rib collars and cuffs and a central zipper, to blanket-stitched wrapped styles, and long line shawl collared coats. The simple, clean lines of the designs are set off by the myriad of patterns, prints and colorways the jackets come in, each one different and entirely unique. Subtle plaids, waives and stripes, are augmented with geometrics, wallpaper florals and vivid solid colorations. In addition to blankets and coats the brand also produce headbands and mittens from the blankets.


Always on the look out for high quality materials with unique designs, Wintervacht sort every single blanket by hand. Although currently plentiful, founders Manon and Yoni are aware the supply of vintage blankets is not inexhaustible. Thrift stores in the North of the Netherlands where they grew up, keep an eye out for them, and help collect them. Now in collaboration with a sorting factory, the pair are also researching alternative materials for when the supply does eventually reach an end.


The story of the brand began when Manon and Yoni met in art school, and taking sewing classes given by Yoni’s mother. At that time Manon lived in a house without any heating and used three old woolen blankets to stay warm at night. During a particular cold winter, Yoni’s mother made a coat for Manon from one of the old wollen blankets from her bed. After sporting her cool and unique coat, friend after friend requested they make something similar from their own grandparents and great grandparents blankets, and so Wintervacht was born. After graduation, the pair continued producing blanket coats, transforming both their parents houses into studios, while relying on the skills of their mothers for production.


Inspired by the likes of Dent de Man and AFRIEK’s use of print and color, the duo are also moved by vintage pattern books from the 40’s on.


Website: http://wintervacht.nl