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Based in the beautiful historic city of Edinburgh, Scotland Bohemia’s design studio and warehouse is located near the Port of Leith, a bohemian district renowned for it’s thriving community of artists, designers, writers and musicians. Founded in 2006 by Jenny Lockton,

Bohemia is the culmination of years working with artists and craftspeople around the world. Established to build relationships with artisan producers, and help to support meaningful employment, Bohemia help ensure the survival of incredible traditional craftsmanship. As a small band of creatives, Bohemia design unique collections of fashion, accessories, jewelry and home products. They work in ethical partnership with artisans in Morocco, India and Turkey, producing contemporary handcrafted goods with an authentic soul.

Bohemia is all about relationships, the friendships we forged over years with talented artisan producers, and the loyalty and support built through their consumer base. With its beginnings many years ago on a journey to Marrakech, the founders met an amazing artisan making beautiful soft and supple leather babouche slippers. 20 years later, the brand continue to work with Hamid, and his slippers remain one of their most popular items.

Hamid and his family are very much a part of Bohemia’s extended family, as well as part of a tribe of bohemians that keeps on growing! Bohemia now partnering with basket and blanket weavers, wood craftsmen and leather workers in Morocco, block printers, jewelers and pom pom makers in India, and jewelers in Istanbul, Turkey. As well as the exclusive Bohemia designs and products., they also source vintage textiles from rugs to sequined Handira blankets, and incredible Berber pots and plates from the Sahara region of Morocco.

Website: www.bohemiadesign.com

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