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Bioneuma, an Italian based design house, evolved from the from the fusion of two shared passions, a belief in the organic movement as an eco-friendly lifestyle choice and a philosophy for living, coupled with a love of manufacturing clothing, enriched by years working in the fashion industry. The Bioneuma project aim, is to produce a line of luxury, hand-made basics. The concept underpinning the collection is one of reverence for “vintage”, and the intrinsic value it represents, as a reflection of the quality of fabrication and the care and detail in the stitching, evoking memories of times gone by.

The word “neuma” comes from Greek and means a sign, an outline or an element of early musical notation, recalling as it does, the elegance and simplicity of the little graphic symbols, transformed by the voices of medieval singers into celestial music. The collection is made completely from organic cotton, using no Genetically Modified crops or pesticides, and utilizing the age-old method of crop rotation, so as not to deplete the soil. As with all certified organic materials, even the weaving and knitting of the fiber is entirely segregated from conventional fibers to ensure purity, and is thereby hypoallergenic by default.

The collection reflects the simple, clean, graphic lines that the name imparts. Easy, comfortable, lifestyle pieces, with the emphasis on quality. Produced entirely in natural, unbleached and undyed Superfine Alpaca and Organic Cotton. The understated yet innovative collection has an artisanal feel to it, echoed through the natural color story of the undyed yarns. Knits are super fine and guazy with a soft hand and slight pile, while jersey is compact and fluid. Special Edition, includes a small range of organic cotton leisure wear featuring the artwork of the renowned painter, sculptor and graphic artist, Sgaravatti, whose artwork is imbued with profound psychological and spiritual meaning.

Website: www.bioneuma.com