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Mochila Mochila by FREAY


Mochila Mochila by FREAY is a line of South American artisan made bags from the Arhuaco tribe. Hand crocheted by women, the craft involves special techniques that have been handed down over generations. Fusing contemporary design with ancient craftsmanship, each mochila bag is crocheted from organic wool, and completely unique.



It takes a month for a women to hand weave a single mochila alongside caring for her children and farming. Tradition dictates that only women are allowed to weave mochilas. Mochilas have been made and used for hundreds of years by the Arhuaco Indians in Northern Colombia. Patterns have both spiritual and cosmological significance from local creation stories, animas and local landmarks.



Each bag is a personal expression by the artist as well as a record of events. Artisans use both hands and feet to tightly crochet threads in a continuous circular pattern, radiating from the center-point on the base. These bucket shaped totes are built to carry everything from coco leaves to corn crops, and built to last.



Website: www.freay.com