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Seek Collective


The Seek Collective collection embodies relaxed luxury womenswear with a sophistication silhouette, and hand crafted materials. The easy, lifestyle collection unites design and craftsmanship, and are defining modern luxury through a contemporary perspective on artisanship. Each item is hand crafted with attention to construction and detail, with every piece one of a kind, employing age-old techniques. Committed to socially conscious practices that empower artisans, their communities, and their traditions, Seek Collective are dedicated to working with artisan communities. Artisans are paid double the average wage with community funds used to benefit community health through the sponsorship of several health clinics.



Informed by a decade working as a designer, founder Carol Miltimore is inspired by a lifelong passion and respect for artisan work. Extensive travels have afforded her the opportunity to connect with artisans around the world, from Morocco to India.  Based in Brooklyn, New York, Miltimore spends a good part of each year in India.


Seek Collective use hand block printing, hand-loom weaving and natural dying processes throughout the collection. All Seek Collective printed textiles are hand produced by artisans in Rajasthan, India, from hand carved wooden blocks or resist dye processes. The 350-year-old technique requires individually carved blocks for every color in a pattern, with blocks individually stamped one at a time onto the fabric. Resist printing is the result of a mud mixture called dabu being used to resist coloration during the dye process, then removed to reveal virgin portions of the cloth.


All handloomed fabric are woven on traditional looms with naturally dyed organic cotton in Madhya Pradesh, India, from hand spun yarns. Natural dyes and non-toxic mordants, using vegetables, minerals, bugs, and flowers are used to dye solid colors and yarn. Solid waste is used as manure on local farms and treated waste-water used for irrigation of crops. The company is dedicated to supporting the role of women in craft, and also offer training in the environmentally conscious production of non-toxic dyes and fair trade wages to their employees.


Website: www.seekcollective.com

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