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The Tantuvi collection is produced entirely from the distinctive ikat of South India. Working exclusively with hand loomed silk and cottons, the collection is made in then New York. Reinterpreting the traditional patterns and weaves of South India, Tantuvi works collaboratively with a cooperative as a means of sustaining artisans and craft, while preserving the tradition of hand spun, dyed and woven cotton and silk of the Eastern Ghats.


The name Tantuvi comes from Sanskrit and translates to weaver. The brand is committed to supporting centuries old techniques, to ensure the skill is passed on and the rich culture of hand weaving is conserved. Created in small quantities to accommodate the slow nature of the hand loomed textiles, production is entirely traceable.


India’s hand loom tradition is historically dominated by male master weavers and dyers, something Rao is hoping to change through training women in all aspects of weaving. Tantuvi’s intent is to provide income for women and enable future generations access to education and a stable livelihood.


Bold patterns and prints act as a connection to founder Arati Rao’s own ancestral roots in the region. The Tantuvi collection focuses on the beauty of the textiles through simple construction, and easy wearable pieces. Comfortable silhouettes focus on relaxed dressing, with unstructured lines, drawstring waists and simple clean shifts.


Website: http://tantuviclothing.com