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Beej is a platform for beautiful, simple and honest clothing from India. Sourced from across India, each piece forms a cohesive collection, tied together by uncompromising quality and an understated aesthetic. The minimal clothing line is made with great attention to detail, with all processes from fabric selection to finishing done by hand. Each design is made entirely in-house, and in a limited run for exclusivity.


Seams have been eliminated whenever possible to help increase the life of the garment, and where they are used, they are bound for added durability. Techniques are used purposefully throughout the collection, not simply as ornament, but instead to strengthen the garment. Hand stitching is used in place of topstitching to hold layers in place, but simultaneously provide simple surface embellishment. The inside of each garment is made with the same care as the outside, and completely hand finished.


Working with hand loomed fabrics that are carefully selected from weavers across India, the collection is constructed from natural, breathable fabrics in small batches. The clothing is then made by Raaq, a workshop started in 1975 by Asha Sarabhai. Raag draws upon a repertoire of textile skills with contemporary relevance. The clothing is made by a diverse group of people in a studio setting. All work is done in house, not contracted out to guarantee they are made fairly and respectfully in an environment where the workers are treated with dignity and respect.


Website: www.beejstore.com

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