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Indian designer Aneeth Arora for Pero creates a modern interpretation of local dress styles from the remotest parts of India.   Inspired by the ancient textile and clothing traditions of India, Arora produces a collection that adapts tradition dress with a modern contemporary sense of design. The collection maintains an earthy ethnicity, with pieced, patched and coordinated layers, voluminous shirts, fluid pants and pinafore dresses in indigo, white, black and red, making for an easy, coordinating collection, perfect for layering and mixing and matching.


Working with traditional handlooms such as ikat, and natural dyed khadi, Pero’s textiles are produced in remote areas of India, such as Kutchi checks and stripes from Chanderi and Maheshwar. With a focus on discreet paisley’s and tiny floral prints, combined with fine embroidery, the collection respects and promotes the tradition of the Indian craftsmanship with style.  Each item is hand-crafted, passing through the hands of at least a half dozen crafts people before completion.


The name “Pero” means “to wear” in Marwari, a local language of Rajasthan, reflecting the local nature of the hand crafting process. Timeless designs honour craft and tradition and result in an ageless representation of the multitude of styles that characterize the diversity and beauty of India. Arora’s ‘Labour of Love’ collection is hand embroidered with a small read heart indicating that it is hand made in its entirety. The collection is known for its attention to detail and tiny hand crafted elements such as varying hand sewn button holes in contrasting colors, tiny fabric and fiber tassles adoring every corner and edge, and a diversity of hand embroidered techniques. Simple silhouettes layered for effect are rarely fitted, keeping the emphasis on the textiles and techniques. Pretty whimsical styling echo the Indian colonialism and proper English tea dresses, mixed with bohemian aesthetics and Indian village life, all to great effect and made with enormous sympathy and sensitivity.


Website: http://pero.co.in and www.ilovepero.co