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Feral Childe

Feral Childe is a bi-coastal design collaboration that consists of Moriah Carlson, based in Brooklyn, New York, and Alice Wu based in Oakland, California.

Studio Ecocentric

Studio Ecocentric’s mantra is “true style is timeless”, they based an entire company on it, producing an enduring vintage inspired collection that embodies classic stylishness.


Yoj is a research collection, conceived and designed by Laura Strambi, as a result of her extensive research on natural textile production and organic dyes.

Leila Hafzi

Known for her romantic, feminine and bohemian bridal dresses, Leila Hafzi designs are the ultimate fairly tale dress, replete with wispy sheer fabrications, long trains, and strewn with hand made flowers.

Lilah Horwitz

Lilah Horwitz describes her clothing experiments as the love child of art and journalism, expressed in the form of fashion.

Pitti Palacios

Pitti Palacios produces a contemporary, artisanal women’s wear collection based around the Chilean tradition of textile heritage.

Ada Zanditon

Ada Zanditon, is a London based designer working with modern architectural forms.

Celine Faizant

Developing her own techniques, neither haute couture nor ready-to-wear, Celine Faizant’s collections feature copious amounts of hand stitching.

Frei Designs

Frei merges design, comfort and sustainability to produce a beautiful, ethereal and whimsical collection of great beauty, through intriguing and clever cutting, Zen-like print and plain combinations, and understated color coordinates.

Zaida Adriana Goveo Balmaseda

Goveo Balmaseda’s knitwear collection is a craft led exploration of the concept of transition and hybrid evolutions reflected in moss and critical weathering. The knitwear collection was produced using only recycled, and ethically responsible methods and materials, and explores her personal journey into biomorphic design in knitwear.

Feng Ho

Feng Ho is an award winning ethical designer working with a range of sustainable textiles, including bamboo, soy, organic cotton, hemp and peace silk, to produce a bespoke range of womenswear.


Asian sustainable fashion label Ultra, design an avant-garde sustainable women’s collection, with a focus on naturally dyed, recycled, biodegradable and innovative fabrics.

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